Team on the Run Business Voice Plan

Unify all of your business communications today

Make the leap today and integrate all of your business communication needs with our Business Voice Plan from Team on the Run. This plan includes all the Business Messaging features plus these added features for one low monthly rate of $4.00 per month per user.

Our Business Voice Plans additional features include

Secure VoIP Calls with Voice Encryption

Using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication is one of the most cost effective ways to call employees or clients across the nation and around the world. Team on the Run offers VoIP which allows flexibility to make and take calls, without using a traditional phone service which hardens security, improves call quality and lowers cost.

Virtual Walkie-Talkie with unlimited Closed Channels and Worldwide Range

Utilizing a Virtual Walkie-Talkie will give your business endless possibilities for business communication. Replace outdates walkie-talkies and benefit from our added security, worldwide range, unlimited closed channels and so much more. Our system also allows for desktop, tablet calls and PTT.

Bluetooth Support for Walkie-Talkie

Using Bluetooth can greatly enhance your productivity, especially if your team members drive a lot during their shift. Our Team on the Run solutions are compatible with most hand held accessories as well.

Voice Compatibility with all data networks

Using Team on the Run gives you the ability to transmit data on any network.

Contact Team on the Run today and improve all aspects of 21st century business communication!
Business Voice
Key Features Business Voice
Multimedia Messaging
Group Chat
File, Calendar Event, Contact sharing
Closed Groups and Departments
Advanced Group Management
Company Web Administration Portal
Usage Reports for Admins
Mobile Corporate Directory updated in real-time
Real-time synchronization between WebChat and Smartphone App
Universal Search within conversations, attachments, contacts
User Status
NFC Tag (available for Android devices)
Integrated with External Storage: Dropbox, Google Drive, Alfresco
Availability of open API
Works online/offline/Wi-Fi/4G/LTE
Battery life saving options / Data plan friendly
24/7 technical support
99.999% guaranteed uptime SLA
Military-grade secured communication
Remote Data wipe-out
Secure VoIP Calls with Voice Encryption
Virtual Walkie-Talkie with unlimited Closed Channels and Worldwide Range
Private 1-on-1 and Group Push-to-Talk (PTT) Calls
Desktop and Tablet Calls and PTT
Floor Control
Hands-free Walkie-Talkie
Bluetooth Support for Walkie-Talkie
Voice Compatibility with all data networks
High Definition Voice 3G/4G/LTE/WiFi
Multimedia Exchange during Ongoing Call