Drive with efficiency

Real Time Field Coordination

Swift and simple group communications you can organize by location, departments, even by teams. Team on the Run can be utilized on mobile and on the computer so whether you are in your office or out in the field you can always be in touch with your team members.

Synchronize with remote team members to make sure everyone is on the same page always. Assign a task and follow the process to its completion allowing your customers to always be informed and in the loop on how a project is going. Coordinate between both your teams and clients to make sure work stays efficient at all times.

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Streamline Driving Operations

With the Push-to-Talk feature you can instantly be in touch with your drivers. An accident occurs on a highway they are on? Push-to-talk them and let them know about an alternate route. Do you need a package delivered timely, and another driver is closer? The ease of use of Push-to-talk with Team on the Run will have you no longer worrying about a delivery being late again. One click and you will have instant communication with your fleet.

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Complete Operational Supervision

Have reports and logistics at your fingertips, always. Team on the Run provides reporting on things such as location and speed the driver is going. These reports can help you assess what is going right or wrong with your fleet.

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