Improve internal staff communication and deliver outstanding guest service

Optimize team productivity

Thanks to the Team on the Run website, you can create dedicated communication groups for chambermaids, room service staff, food and beverage teams or receptionists in just a few clicks. Using a dynamic group directory, those groups will accelerate communication and save time on task assignments. Senders are notified of message delivery and receive instant feedback. Supervisors may also decide to prevent specific individuals or groups from talking to each other when interaction between them is deemed irrelevant.

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Address guests needs immediately

With Team on the Run, enable your employees to resolve guest issues, report on non-conformity by sending pictures, NFC checks, videos or audio instantly to supervisors or maintenance teams, accelerating intervention and repair time.

Since Team on the Run enables staff members to interact with each other without placing calls your guests will value your teams' discretion and enjoy the quality of your services more.

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Automated issue escalation

In the event of a serious problem or urgent incident, group communications and our dynamic directory make it possible to keep all stake holders informed and to escalate with the relevant managers immediately. Information on fulfillment, resolution and external communication is constantly updated for every person involved.

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