Work Smarter

A regional hospital needs a way to help its small staff see more patients and process prescriptions efficiently, while adhering to HIPAA guidelines on PHI security. With the Team on the Run solution, installed on existing devices it allows instant communication; removing the need to play “phone tag”, deal with voice mail, or wait for bulky emails. This helps staff free up enough time to see up to 50% more patients. The time saved in communications reduces patient wait times, sends procedure results back to doctors faster, and allows staff to see more patients per shift.

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Emergency Management

In the case of specialized emergencies, hospitals need to be able to respond quickly and get all the right specialists on call and in action as quickly as possible. The Team on the Run solution allows for the creation of ad hoc groups, in addition to departmental groups. Group messaging and the Push-to-talk function also makes team collaboration and task management easy in situations where time is of the essence.

Team on the Run provides a way to build the right team to handle any situation on the fly, and coordinate their responses without losing valuable time in locating specific team members and directing them individually. Team on the Run can shorten emergency response times by over 40 minutes per emergency event.

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Works Remotely

Doctors and nurses sometimes make house calls,work from remote locations, or sometimes respond to an emergency when not officially on duty. They may need a way to communicate in real time, or coordinate visits without compromising personal information.

The Team on the Run solution allows for a custom contacts list built out by departments or personnel. Doctors need to share information, including files or images, with staff for a specific patient. They need a way to discuss information about the patient, without sharing this private information with other staff not involved with the patient's care. The platform also has a geolocation tracking and dispatching solution to coordinate emergency response.

Medical staff can share needed information in real time, with-out breaching privacy. Other communications platforms give users "one big room" where they create a HIPAA privacy violation risk by dealing with poorly encrypted messages from all users. With My Business, medical staff can also file all paperwork easily through our unified platform.

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HIPAA Compliance

Team on the Run can help you build a culture of employee HIPAA compliance through adoption of best practices when using Peer to Peer sharing technology.
•    You control the list of Contacts within your account (minimize risk of sharing PHI outside of your group)
•    Infrastructure adhering to HIPAA Security Rule
•    Business Associate Agreement Available
•    HIPAA Secure Data Centers data centers
•    Paperless Business Processes/Forms like patient check in-out, Health History Questionnaires

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