Team on the Run Business Messaging Plan

Are you a business owner or team leader looking to take the next step in business communications? Our Business Messaging Plan will centralize, speed up and secure your team’s communication and bring your company into the mobile business age with all of these great features. The Team on the Run Business Messaging Plan includes:

Multimedia Messaging

Sending images, audio or video instantly has become a necessity, but it is a bad idea to do this with mass messaging applications that are not secure or designed for business. Our multimedia IP messaging allows you to send files without worrying about extra charges from your mobile carrier or security.

Group Chat & Closed Departments

Employees across the country and around the world are able to communicate and collaborate like never before. Place users into Groups or Departments and decide who is able to communicate with whom to streamline your business communications and make it fit YOUR business process.

WebChat (Desktop version)

Team on the Run lets you communicate from mobile devices via our secure app or on laptops and desktops via our secure web browser log-in. Any time you switch between devices your data will be synced and ready for you to keep taking care of business – wherever you are!

File, Calendar Event, Contact sharing

Unclutter your email and save everyone on you team some time! With group chat combined with file, calendar event and contact sharing it’s never been easier to keep all of your employees organized and informed with ease. We have seen an average of 50% email clutter reduction by using Team on the Run for internal communication.

Mobile Corporate Directory updated in real-time

People in companies leave, join and change positions. Company phone books can sometimes contain outdated information. Keep all of your employees on the same page with real-time updates to your corporate directory pushed to their devices in real-time. Ditch the excel spreadsheet contact list now and move on to better.

Universal Search within conversations, attachments, and contacts

Our Universal Search allows you to quickly retrieve important information, search specific words to find exactly what you are looking within our fully integrated business communication application.

User Status

Users can identify themselves as being busy or available at each time. Being able to see a User’s status allows you to manage your employees better and optimize the allocation of resources.

Company Web Administration Portal

Designate a team Administrator who will be able to configure Team on the Run to fit your business needs and business processes - from their own exclusive Administration Portal.

Contact Team on the Run today and improve all aspects of 21st century business communication!
Business Messaging
Key Features Business Messaging
Multimedia Messaging
Group Chat
File, Calendar Event, Contact sharing
Closed Groups and Departments
Advanced Group Management
Company Web Administration Portal
Usage Reports for Admins
Mobile Corporate Directory updated in real-time
Real-time synchronization between WebChat and Smartphone App
Universal Search within conversations, attachments, contacts
User Status
NFC Tag (available for Android devices)
Integrated with External Storage: Dropbox, Google Drive, Alfresco
Availability of open API
Works online/offline/Wi-Fi/4G/LTE
Battery life saving options / Data plan friendly
24/7 technical support
99.999% guaranteed uptime SLA
Military-grade secured communication
Remote Data wipe-out