Team on the Run Business Geolocation Plan

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Set your business up with our Business Geolocation Package and enjoy all of the benefits today. Our real time advanced GPS tracking system will ensure that you reach all of your productivity goals and streamline processes more efficiently. At a low price, with a full list of expansive services, Team on the Run Business Geolocation Plan is the best deal online for all your fleet tracking and advanced communication needs.

Web-Based Dispatch Panel

Perfect if you are looking for a better fleet management tool. Access your web based dispatch center from any browser. Now you will be able to see where your agents are located with state of the art real time GPS tracking technology and contact them directly from the map thanks to our WebRTC capability.

Real-time Position Tracking on the Map

This GPS system allows dispatch managers to locate assets on the map and also allows continuous real time tracking on the map. Real Time GPS tracking coupled with Web based Real Time Communication (Web RTC) make for a complete tracking and communication system.

Efficient Address-Based Agent Deployment

Our GPS tracking system even allows you to type in an address (a pick up location for example) and see on the map which agent is currently closest. Use this feature to save on time and fuel when planning routes.

Exportable Speed Reports and Live Speed Stats via Control Panel Map

Great for risk management, this GPS tracking tool allows for effective fleet management, so you can see certain trouble areas or deficiencies in your fleet or business. You are able to export and review the driving patterns of each agent to access their efficiency.

Push-to-talk to agents directly from the Web Control Panel

Using Team on the Run will allow you to talk to agents through the web control panel directly. This centralizes your activity, saves you time and allows operations to run smoothly, directly from your web based control panel.

IM or Launch Calls to users by selecting them from the Map

Now you will be able to instant message or launch calls with one click directly from the map. You can also launch a walkie-talkie session that your agent can reply to with a hands free accessory – in case they are driving.

Export location information via API

Export our reports into your own system via open API. Our technical team is the best. If you want to incorporate Team on the Run into your current systems just get in touch. Whether via our open API or some custom integration by our team, it can all be done.

Step-by-Step Directions to specific destination

Our GPS system integrates with Google Maps and offers detailed directions, so you can rely on our GPS system to arrive on-time while saving on fuel cost.

Agent Availability Status Notification

Agents can set their status as available or busy so that you can easily see in a glimpse on the map who to deploy for each task at each time, saving you the back and forth and allowing you to notify the best person for each task the first time.

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Business Geolocation
Key Features Business Geolocation
Multimedia Messaging
Group Chat
File, Calendar Event, Contact sharing
Closed Groups and Departments
Advanced Group Management
Company Web Administration Portal
Usage Reports for Admins
Mobile Corporate Directory updated in real-time
Real-time synchronization between WebChat and Smartphone App
Universal Search within conversations, attachments, contacts
User Status
NFC Tag (available for Android devices)
Integrated with External Storage: Dropbox, Google Drive, Alfresco
Availability of open API
Works online/offline/Wi-Fi/4G/LTE
Battery life saving options / Data plan friendly
24/7 technical support
99.999% guaranteed uptime SLA
Military-grade secured communication
Remote Data wipe-out
Secure VoIP Calls with Voice Encryption
Virtual Walkie-Talkie with unlimited Closed Channels and Worldwide Range
Private 1-on-1 and Group Push-to-Talk (PTT) Calls
Desktop and Tablet Calls and PTT
Floor Control
Hands-free Walkie-Talkie
Bluetooth Support for Walkie-Talkie
Voice Compatibility with all data networks
High Definition Voice 3G/4G/LTE/WiFi
Multimedia Exchange during Ongoing Call
Web-Based Dispatch Panel
Real-Time GPS Tracking of assets on the Map
Exportable Speed and Location Reports and Live Speed Stats via Control Panel Map
Push-To-Talk to agents directly from Web Control Panel
IM or Launch Calls to users by selecting them from the Map
Agent Availability Status Notification
Efficient Address-Based Agent Deployment
Export location information via API
Step-by-Step Directions to specific destination